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Anjar Co. is the world's oldest and largest international product licensing agency for the toy and game market. In addition to the #1 new game of 1995, Battle Dome, and the perennial best-seller, Othello, Anjar has had over 800 licenses in its over 40 year history. Many of the toys and games developed and licensed by Anjar have become household names throughout the world.

When an inventor calls the TIA or a major company trying to show a new product concept, they are often referred to Anjar Co. It’s a rare person who has not played with at least one of the toys that Anjar has made famous.

  • James R. Becker, Founder of Anjar, was in the toy industry for over 55 years. Before founding Anjar, he was involved in the creation and development of Gumby & Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys and the Magic Milk Bottle (details below).

  • Jonathan S. Becker is an Attorney specializing in patent, trademark and copyright law. He created the Legal Lines column for the leading trade magazine, Playthings, and teaches a course on Business Practices for the Toy Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

  • Patti R. Becker, Founder and President of Becker Associates LLC, creates, develops, sources and licenses children's products and properties around the world.

James R. Becker Bio

For over 55 years, Jim Becker devoted his energy and life’s blood to developing and licensing products in the Toy Industry. He helped create global licensing as we know it today. By creating Gumby and Pokey merchandise from a TV Show, he helped spawn an $80 billion Licensing Industry. He recognized and created many trends, like Gumby & Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys, Disappearing Magic Baby Bottle, Nerf Ping Pong, Battle Dome and The Betsy McCall Fashion Designer Set. Before Jim, no one adapted items made for the US to appeal and sell in foreign markets, including the most difficult of all to penetrate, Japan. He also innovated the concept of developing and marketing Japanese and European toys and games for the American market. In those days, the 1940s-1970s, global marketing didn’t exist; global companies didn’t exist, and neither Hasbro nor Mattel had worldwide distribution or subsidiaries in most foreign markets.

In addition, Jim developed Gumby, Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys, Disappearing Magic Milk Bottle, Nerf Ping Pong, Elmo’s Trike, Barbie ‘Really Works’ Activity Toys, ‘Land Before Time’ Hand Puppets, Shirt Pocket Games, GI Joe Earthquake Vehicle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Foldable Flying Saucers, the Betsy McCall Fashion Designer Set, Grabbin’ Dragons and hundreds of others.

Jim used his expertise, his charisma, his sense of humor and the strength of his personal relationships to create one of the most successful product development and licensing companies in the world, Anjar, an acronym for Jim’s four sons: Arto, Neil, Jonathan and Roger.

As Rockwell Kent, the famous American artist and illustrator of Herman Melville’s novel ’Moby Dick’, wrote about Jim in his autobiography ‘It’s Me O Lord’, Jim Becker was “one who has known and followed the way to…the hearts of countless children at Christmas time”.

Whether it is Gumby, Pokey, Barrel of Monkeys, the Disappearing Magic Baby Bottle, or Othello, Jim has touched the lives of so many.

In 2005, in recognition of Jim Becker’s lifetime achievements, Becker was the recipient of the prestigious International Designers & Inventors of Toys Award.

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