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Over the course of our nearly 40 year history, Anjar Co. has represented hundreds of inventors for the licensing of their new concepts to companies around the world.  Our clientele includes major toy and game manufacturers, professional inventors, as well as ordinary office workers and homemakers.
Here, we've put together some information on how the licensing industry works and what Anjar Co. can do for you to help bring your ideas to market.

Got a great idea for a new toy or game? 
That's only half the challenge.  How do you get that idea into the hands of someone who can turn it into money?  How do you know if you're getting the best deal?  Better take a look at our Introduction to New Concept Licensing.

Is Anjar the right company to represent your new toy or game concept?
You'd be in good company.  Here's a list of some of the Items Licensed by Anjar Co.

Ready to submit your new idea to Anjar Co?
How long does the review process take?  What should you expect?  Check out our informative FAQ.

Would you like more information?
Download our handy New Concept Submission Package - it has everything you need to document and submit your idea. (Free Acrobat Reader required)

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