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Inventor Services

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Inventor Submission Fee

Inventor Submission Fee

For nearly 40 years, the professionals at Anjar Co. have brought to bear their considerable contacts and experience in the toy, game and leisure products industries to bring new and innovative concepts to market. And while most inventors prefer to have their ideas represented by a qualified agent, we realize that path is not for everyone; some folks simply wish to do it themselves. It’s for those individuals we are pleased to present our Inventor Services.

These services are intended for individuals or small companies with little or no previous background in marketing, sales or distribution, that are interested in producing and promoting their own product ideas.

New Concept Prototyping & Artwork
The first step in bringing your product idea to market is usually the creation of conceptual art boards and a working model or prototype. These are essential in obtaining a meaningful price quote from a factory as well as presenting your product to sales people, store buyers and consumers. Our expert artists and model makers will work closely with you to bring your design ideas to life, preserving all of the subtleties that make it special.

New Concept Prototyping/Artwork: Prices start at $295.00.

Legal Protection Assessment
Not all products are patentable and receiving a patent on an invention does not guarantee its marketability. Patent attorneys can be very expensive, and they can only advise you as to the patentability of your idea, not whether it is cost-effective to obtain one, or even whether a patent is the best kind of protection available for your product.

Anjar Co.’s Legal Protection Assessment Report provides a comprehensive evaluation of what legal options are available and which are recommended for protecting your New Concept. Your idea is play-tested and analyzed by a panel of toy and game experts as well as a noted toy industry attorney, with over 20 years of expertise in patents, trademarks and copyrights. You will receive detailed instructions on how to obtain the right protection for your idea, how much it’s likely to cost and what to expect from the process.

Legal Protection Assessment Report: $595.00.

Turnkey Marketing Plan
This option provides detailed instructions on how to mass-market your product.

We begin with obtaining a ‘real-world’ price quote from a reputable factory that specializes in making products similar to yours. We’ll show you how to obtain competitive prices, even give you the names of specific contacts and sample letters with all the right questions to ask.

Then, we’ll show you how to determine how much storage space you need and how to get your product from the factory to the warehouse. Once again, we’ll obtain an actual price quote from a major freight forwarding company and provide full details on how to shop around for shipping services. We even explain all of the special considerations that need to be made if your product is made off-shore.

Next, we’ll explore the various ways of marketing your product, including obtaining a sales rep, direct sales and Internet sales. The Plan will contain specific recommendations for your particular product, including recommended price-points, packaging and merchandising ideas.

Finally, the report explains how to get the product from your warehouse to your customers, whether they are single or quantity sales.

Anjar Co.’s Turnkey Marketing Plan is the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide available to the individual or small company, for bringing your New Concept from the kitchen table to the store shelf and includes details and pricing specific to your idea.

Turnkey Marketing Plan Report: $1,995.00.
(New Concept Submission fee is deductible)

Turnkey Marketing Plan + Legal Protection Assessment
Get both reports, a $2,590.00 value, for only $2,295.00.

Each year, thousands of new products are introduced to the marketplace, most with little success. These two reports will give you the tools you need to make your ideas stand out and allow you to focus on delivering the highest quality product at the lowest price.

Turnkey Marketing Plan and
Legal Protection Assessment Reports: $2,295.00.
(New Concept Submission fee is deductible)

To discuss Inventor Services, please contact us at
+1 (203) 321-1023, or email submissions@anjar.com.

Good luck with all your ideas.

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